Entrepreneurial, energetic and committed

Entrepreneurial, energetic and committed

Colorado home restoration expert starts his own business

Brian Newman, CO•PRO’s founder, left northern California to earn a degree from the University of Texas in Austin. After college he returned to the Silicon Valley to cut his teeth in software sales, then joined the family transportation business back in Austin where he helped to quadruple their business in a 4-year period.

In 2011, Brian relocated to Colorado, joined Aguilar Construction Services and rose to Managing Partner in charge of the company’s Roofing Division. He excelled in finessing the insurance claims process, a complex and intricate system that requires keen management skills. Brian also received advanced training in the accurate identification and assessment of hail and wind damage, and earned the respected HAAG Roof Inspection Certification.

The perfect fit – roof insurance claim specialist, get-to-work attitude

Brian tinkered with model cars and airplanes as a boy, and loved computers. Technology came easily. Extroverted and ambitious, he’s never been afraid of the big deal. He leveraged white collar technology and blue collar transportation to create CO•PRO, the insurance-based home services restoration company he founded in January 2016. Brian excels at balancing the hands-on nature of the trades with the complexities of the claims process and the rules and regs of insurance companies.

Brian’s convinced that his finesse as a white collar/blue collar hybrid is the key to his success. His ability to move between those worlds—and to operate effectively in both—differentiates his business from his competitors. He retains competent sub-contractors and crews and communicates easily with his customers. He loves going to bat for people and getting them what they deserve.

Helping people protect their most valuable asset

Brian’s persistent and detail oriented. He understands insurance policies and how to work with insurance companies. He’s usually able to get the claimant the level of funding that’s needed for repairs and restoration. Much like a financial advisor, Brian advises his customers on how to use the settlement to improve and restore their most valuable asset—their home or business.

A Denver resident since 2011, Brian intends to stay in Colorado until he leaves this beautiful planet. His interests include golf, snowboarding, fitness, cycling, live music, and tinkering with his own home.