Colorado’s best roofer

On a national scale, Colorado ranks second only to Texas in the number of insurance claims filed due to hail strikes on homes, property and cars. Getting the settlement you deserve from your insurance company starts with a strategic and thorough assessment of the damage.

Brian Newman, CO•PRO’s managing partner, is a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector, with advanced training in what to look for and how to accurately report it—key elements in working with insurance companies. The HAAG certification is a distinction in the industry and has elevated roofing standards nationwide.

Receive a HAAG-certified inspection

Our thorough, well-informed, certified assessment process eliminates any guesswork. We get on the roof for a hands-on, eyes-on inspection. We use a drone to capture the details and educate our customers about the extent of the damage—a level of professionalism and attention to detail that sets CO•PRO apart from other roofing companies. The drone makes it possible for our customers to see the damage, the naked platform and the finished product without getting on the roof, and ensures that the installation is done to your satisfaction.

Insist on quality materials – avoid roof hail damage and roof leaks

CO•PRO replaces your damaged roof with premium roofing products from Owens Corning, manufacturer of some of the best-rated roofing materials in the industry. The company provides first-class service in Colorado, which means CO•PRO projects aren’t held up by product delays. Owens Corning stands behind their products and protects the CO•PRO customer with a robust warranty.

Here's a peek at an in-progress new roof for a Colorado residential home. Shot on the CO•PRO done.

Here's a peek at an in-progress new roof for a Colorado residential home. Shot on the CO•PRO done.

We purchase the Owens Corning products from ABC Supply Company, the largest roofing materials supplier in the country, with reliable inventory and on-time delivery to avoid unnecessary delays. We make certain your new roof is properly ventilated—a step other roofers often overlook—and take considerable care in the installation process to ensure a high-performing roof.

We put quality materials in the hands of well-trained CO•PRO roofing crews, personally vetted by CO•PRO’s Brian Newman, who oversees all installations. Brian knows the roofing codes for every municipality in metro Denver and the Front Range to ensure that every CO•PRO roof, regardless of location, passes inspection.